Googam is the son of Goom, another foe of humanity. Originating from what psychologist Mark Langley named "Planet-X," Googam originally stood 10 feet tall and possessed powers of mind control, telekinesis, flight and the ability to shrink objects in size. As part of the attempt to rehabilitate the population of Monster Island, Googam was stripped of these abilities by Reed Richards, and was himself shrunk down to a mere 5 feet.

Employed at the Baxter Building as a parking valet, Googam known for his disdain of humans, and seemed to have no interest in his rehabilitation, especially after being forced to serve the same foursome who bested him in years gone by. Why then did he side with his fellow monsters Fin Fang Foom, Elektro, and Gorgilla against the monstrous Tim Boo Ba? According to Googam himself, we humans are "precious" to him, and he claims to have pledge himself to our defense.





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