Grasshopper (Doug Taggert)

Doug TaggertGrasshopper



Roxxon security guard Doug Taggert was outfitted by his employers with a special battlesuit, and he began his career as the Grasshopper at the company’s New York plant. In a short time, he managed to not only get a raise, but to be placed on Cindy Shelton’s research team. Flushed with excitement, he hoped to win her over as Doug Taggert, or at least figure out why she held a mad-on for his secret identity of the Grasshopper.

During a routine patrol of Roxxon facilities, the Grasshopper happened upon the mercenaries of Batroc's Brigade, whom Maelstrom had hired to steal components for his doomsday machine. He fought them off with the help of a timely arrival by the Great Lakes Avengers, who were in New York looking to recruit heroes for their team. The Grasshopper excitedly agreed, but at that moment, Zaran the Weapons Master threw a three-pointed sai at Doorman. The weapon passed through Doorman and hit the Grasshopper instead, right between the eyes. He retains the notable distinction of having the record for the shortest membership on any super-team: 5.8 seconds.









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