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Very little is known about the early life of Graydon Creed, except that during the Cold War he was born to two mutant terrorists, Mystique and Sabretooth. Growing up Creed was abandoned by his mother when she discovered he was not a mutant, and she sent him to live in an orphanage. Not knowing who they truly were, Creed came to hate his parents for leaving him. He went on to become a rabid anti-mutant lobbyist and founded the Friends of Humanity, a grass-roots campaign dedicated to eradicating the perceived mutant menace that quickly turned into a national movement.

Creed also came to join the Upstarts , a group of wealthy and powerful individuals who had banded together by the enigmatic Gamesmaster with the sole purpose of killing mutants for points in a twisted game. After learning of his parentage, Creed sought to kill them as part of the Upstarts' game. Disguised as the armored Tribune, Creed hired assassins to kill his mother and had his father implanted with a bomb. Sabretooth managed to remove the device and confronted his son, who callously shot Sabretooth's assistant Birdy, a mutant telepath whom Sabretooth employed to keep his homicidal rages in check.

During the Upstarts' self-professed “Younghunt”, Creed was blackmailed into revealing the location of the Upstarts' prisoners by the New Warriors who threatened to expose Creed as a mutant collaborator and the son of mutants.

Later, using the resources he had gained through the Friends of Humanity, and with the support of the government-sponsored anti-mutant taskforce Operation: Zero Tolerance, Creed nominated himself as a presidential candidate and ran on an anti-mutant platform. Capitalizing on a near-hysterical fear of mutants in the general public. Creed's popularity swelled, which led to the Daily Bugle newspaper launching an investigation into Creed's activities. When a reporter from the Bugle obtained information regarding Creed's parentage, Zero Tolerance's leader Bastion killed the journalist to prevent the news from leaking out. Although they stopped the reporter Creed did not manage to catch that his assistant was really an undercover Samuel Guthrie (Cannonball).

On the eve of the election, Creed was assassinated during his campaign speech when a plasma beam completely disintegrated him. It was later revealed that the beam was fired by a time-delayed weapon configured by Mystique's future self whose mind had been sent back into her past body to ensure her son's death.

Recently, Creed was revived by Bastion (using a transmode virus).




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