Guardian (Servant)




Guardian was one of the first clones created by Jackal from DNA of Peter Parker. He was a failure as his mind was not much better than common beast. Jackal still decided to make use of him and decided to use Guardian and another clone called Jack as protectors of his mountain laboratory. He then put them both in suspended animation to wait the arrival of his more successful experiments.

Years later Scarlet Spider clone of Spider-Man was lured to the mountain by subconscious message planted by Jackal. When he arrived to the mountain Jack and Guardian was awakened from their suspended animation and went after Scarlet Spider. Jack was the first to find Scarlet Spider and led him to doorway in a middle of an open space. When Scarlet tried to make Jack tell him what was going on Guardian attacked and after a short fight Guardian knocked him unconscious. He and Jack then left to wait Spider-Man arrival who was also on his way to the mountain. When Spider-Man arrived he found Scarlet Spider out cold in the snow. When Scarlet Spider woke up they both went to the doorway Scarlet had found earlier. They managed to open it and went inside the complex where Jack greeted them. Jack escorted them to Jackal's main lab and where they once again were attacked by Guardian, but this time there was something wrong. Guardian was in great pain and died shortly after the attack on Jack's arms to clone degeneration as many clones before him.









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