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Gunmetal Gray was sitting at a bar table, contemplating on taking a job, when a drunk Johnny Blaze interrupted his conversation in order to hire him to kill his demon alter-ego, the Ghost Rider. Blaze added that he wanted Ghost Rider dead no matter how, how much, and no matter what, and Gray agreed to take the job. While Ghost Rider was pursuing a couple of drug dealers, Gunmetal rode up next to him and blew a hole in his gas tank. The resulting explosion threw Ghost Rider from his bike, and Gray was able to use his shotgun to blast Ghost Rider’s head to bits from point blank range. When this didn’t serve to kill the Spirit of Vengeance, Gunmetal drove a truck full of liquid nitrogen into Ghost Rider. The explosion and spilling of the chemical all over the street ended up killing many innocent bystanders, but Gray and Ghost Rider survived. As Ghost Rider transformed back into Johnny Blaze, and Johnny found out that Gray was responsible for the horrible tragedy, he tried to cancel the hit claiming that Gunmetal was even more dangerous than the Ghost Rider. It was too late for that, however, because Gray figured out that Johnny and Ghost Rider were one in the same, and Gunmetal was prepared to shoot Johnny in the head. A timely interruption by the police forced Gunmetal to flee the scene, but since he already knew Ghost Rider’s next target, he beat him there and made his victim tell Ghost Rider to avenge him in an attempt to have Ghost Rider come to him.

Chasing Blaze from place to place, Gunmetal came close a few times to eliminating his target, but it wasn’t until he and his friend followed Johnny to a convenience store that Gray had his best chance to fulfill his contract. Unfortunately, the shop owner didn’t take kindly to a motorcycle crashing through his storefront and killed Gunmetal’s friend. Gray, angered, had Blaze again at point blank range, but before he could pull the trigger, Blaze made peace with Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider emerged to save his human host. Gunmetal blamed his friend’s death on Ghost Rider and now said he was out to kill the demon for revenge. He left to take care of his friend, but Gray told Ghost Rider where to meet him. The next day at the Sturgis Rally, Gunmetal was going to tarnish Ghost Rider’s reputation by being the only mortal man who could stand up to the Spirit of Vengeance, but Ghost Rider would not fight back no matter how many shots Gray took. Gunmetal thought to motivate Ghost Rider by killing someone in the crowd, but all that did was spark a riot and the crowd attacked Gray. They beat him, robbed him and left him in the street. This caused Ghost Rider to change back into Blaze, but Gunmetal wasn’t out of the fight yet. Johnny didn’t want to continue but was left with no choice when Gray threw a punch at him. Blaze defended himself and knocked Gunmetal out. Johnny left the scene before Gray woke up, and Gunmetal Gray hasn’t been seen since.









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