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The Haazareth are a trio of demons that serve Mephisto in Hell. Shortly after assisting the birth of Reed and Sue Richards’s daughter, Doctor Doom made a pact with the Haazareth. He had come to the conclusion that the way to finally beat Reed Richards was to use sorcery ; an area that Richards had absolutely no knowledge in. He sacrificed his greatest love, Valeria, to the demons and in return they granted him mystical might that proved to be capable of posing a threat to Doctor Strange himself. Doom attacked the Fantastic Four like never before by sending Franklin Richards to Hell. While there the Haazareth emotionally tortured young Franklin to the point that he was partially traumatised upon his return home. Reed Richards had managed to beat Doom by mastering some magic taught to him by Strange himself and by wielding Doom’s pride against him. Richards tricked Doom into acknowledging no superior in front of the Haazareth. The Haazareth dragged Doom down into Hell after this insult and proceeded to teach him a lesson about superiority. However, shortly after this event, Reed Richards took Doom out of Hell and placed him in an artificial prison that Doom would be unable to break out of. The Haazareth have not being seen since.









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