Harry Phillips

Harry Phillips



“Handsome Harry” Phillips was a master con man who was soon arrested for his crimes, but later bailed out by Doctor Doom to serve him against the Fantastic Four. Doom used his XZ-12 treatment to give Phillips enhanced hearing, allowing him to detect the Invisible Girl wherever she went. Then he sent the three criminals against their chosen prey and left Mister Fantastic for himself.

Phillips appeared at Susan Storm’s door with a bouquet of flowers, telling her that he had been a long-time admiring of hers. But when she smelled the flowers he revealed that they were coated with a secret ingredient that would knock her unconscious. Though Susan acted quickly, and held her breath in time to avoid succumbing. She then turned invisible and tried to run away, but Phillips used his new super hearing to find her and he fired an Ether Gun after her, which soon knocked her out once she was forced to take a breath. Afterwards, Phillips dragged Sue’s unconscious body to his master’s hidden base.

Once there, however, Doom rewarded Phillips and his two fellow criminals by giving them each a priceless dimensional-transport machine in the shape of a plain box, telling them it was their payment. When they opened it, the machine transported each to another dimension where they would wait until their master needed them again.









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