Rafael CaragoHelix



When the Carrion Virus released by mad geneticist Jackal and his minion Spidercide wiped out the Springville, Pennsylvania population, survivor Rafael Carago mutated into the unstable superhuman dubbed Heix. After the heroic New Warriors subdued Heix, Spidercide abducted him and Jackal experimented on him, farther altering him. Escaping, the rampage Heix was recaptured by the New Warriors and Scarlet Spider. Incarcerated at the Warriors' Crash Pad, Heix regained his mental stability and became a wing guest of the team, gradually becoming part of the group and befriending Turbo (Michiko Musashi); but the amnesia-stricken Heix soon left in search of his true identify and his past.




338 lbs.


White with no visible pupils



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