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Carlton LaFroyge was a classmate and neighbor of Robbie Baldwin, the secret identity of Speedball and member of the New Warriors. When LaFroyge happened to witness Baldwin's transformation into Speedball before embarking on a mission, LaFroyge seized on a plan to allow him to participate in the world of super-heroes as he had always dreamed of. He blackmailed Speedball into allowing him to join the New Warriors. When confronted with the fact that he has no superhuman powers, LaFroyge designed a makeshift costume and called himself Hindsight Lad, professing his ability to discern tactical strategy after the fact. Speedball and the Warriors reluctantly agreed to give LaFroyge access to their headquarters, the Crash Pad, although he was regulated to only computer duty and other administrative work.

Despite his often patronizing teammates, LaFroyge reveled in his new role. At one point, he was instrumental in organizing a surrogate team of Warriors to rescue the regular team, which was trapped in the past by the Sphinx. In gratititude, the New Warriors allowed LaFroyge to be considered a full-time member, albeit still restricted from field work. Soon after, LaFroyge redesigned his costume and changed his code name to Hindsight. Eventually, when the Warriors began to drift apart, the team effectively disbanded, and LaFroyge left to pursue college.

When the New Warriors re-formed as the basis of a reality TV show, their antics resulted in disaster-- an accident that claimed the lives of many of their number as well as hundreds of innocent civilians, many of them school children. Tremendous public outrage resulted, and former New Warriors were being attacked in their civilian identities. Justice and Rage sought legal help from Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, in shutting down, a website devoted to Warrior-hate and that revealed the Warrior's true identities. The resulting lawsuit very nearly argued the legality of the Superhuman Registration Act itself, but She-Hulk and the former Warriors dropped the suit when Iron Man, fresh from being a witness for the defense, gave the heroes a lead to the true culprit-- Carlton LaFroyge. Hindsight, so distraught by the tragedy and shamed of his association with the Warriors, was personally behind









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