Hippolyta (alternately spelled Hippolyte)Hippolyta


SCARLET WITCH (2023) #4 artwork by Sara Pichelli


Meet the Bacchae, Marvel’s Amazonian Warriors

Who are the Bacchae? Read on to discover this group of Amazon warriors who fled oppression and vowed to protect women—no matter what the cost.



The Amazons were a fierce tribe of warrior women who offered their superior fighting prowess to other nations. Over 20,000 years ago under Queen Myrina's rule, the Amazons were hired by the descendants of the Atlantean to destroy a nest of Gorgons for them. Myrina had some Gorgons caught to continue their line within the Amazon nation and left behind a garrison Atlantis to collect payment. Unwilling to pay the Amazons, the Atlantean rulers slew the garrison, a move that earned the Atlanteans, the Amazon nation's eternal hatred. Afraid of the Amazons, Atlantis' sorcerers council harnessed the power of the Axis Mundi inside the Omphalos to ensure that Atlantis stayed at the center of the world forever, but the energies proved to powerful, and their rash action furthered the sinking of Atlantis.

Several years later the Amazons founded the city of Themiscyra on the Thermodon River in Anatolia (modern day turkey) and Hippplyta, the daughter of Amazonian queen Ortrera and Olympian war god Ares, was born.




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