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Robin Borne was the daughter of the Spider-Man from the year 2211. Robin felt her father was never proud of her. Robin came up with a theory that all of the many universes were connected, and that eventually one would engulf the other universes and transform them into something else, possibly at the expense of all life on her world. She designed a suit and weapons that she hoped she could use to save them all.

Her father, Spider-Man, arrested her when his time traveling department alerted him that in several years, she would don the suit and become a threat to the time stream. Placed in stasis, Robin was saved when her boyfriend Lar Nyven initiated a program that was supposed to wake her from stasis. The program malfunctioned, and Robin was driven insane. Having hidden her suit and weapons in a "time sandwich" which held it constantly ten seconds into the future, Robin became the Hobgoblin and attempted to kill her father with a retcon bomb. The bomb missed and hit Lar, who was wiped out of existence. Spider-Man 2211 realized that such a weapon could do great damage to the timestream and attempted to stop her, but Hobgoblin escaped.

Since then, she has traveled through the time stream, using her retcon bombs on Spider-Men of various ages. Finally, she has attacked the original Spider-Man of Earth-616 in an attempt to rid the world of him forever.

She attempted to murder her father with one of her patented retcon bombs. Spider-Man, believing that the bomb was no more harmless than a regular pumpkin bomb, caught it with his webbing and swung it back at Robin, intending to knock her out. Instead, it erased her from existence permanently.




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