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The being known only as Hunger is a powerful extraterrestrial predator feeding off others' life forces. Discovered by a Latverian deep space probe, Hunger was lured to Earth by Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom) hoping to steal the creature's power for himself. Upon arriving in Earth's orbit, Hunger sensed the teeming life on the globe and made itself undetectable to Latverian sensors. Hunger devoured the search parties Doom deployed to find the entity before feasting on an entire village, animating one of its deceased victims and invading Doom's castle. An army of automated Doombots could not withstand the creature's assault, and Doom himself was nearly killed. Hunger escaped, shape-shifted into a gargoyle-like form prepared to renew its attack when the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and Psi-Lord (Franklin Richards) found it. While Hunger overpowered the combined strength of the Fantastic Four, the alien's rampage was ultimately stopped by Doom who teleported it back into deep space after Hunger dealt the despot a near-fatal blow.


Variable; ("gargoyle") 6'6"


Variable; ("gargoyle") 228 lbs.


None; ("gargoyle") solid white (no visible pupil)


None; ("gargoyle") yellow

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