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In the Microverse, Iann-23's father was taken from him to serve in the mad tyrant Baron Karza's Body Banks while he was still in utero, and Iann grew up one of the lowlifes surviving in the rank depths of Homeworld's First Zone. Killing a man at the age of 12, Iann and his friends taunted Karza's Dog Soldiers, but the adulthood Dog Soldiers assaulted his family and then brought him to the Force Commander (Prince Argon, then possessed by Karza), who remade him mentally and physically. Reborn as the virtually amorphous Huntarr, he was sent to Earth to slay the Micronauts, encountering them at Xavier' school, the X-Man Nightcrawler used the Danger Room to help the Micronauts to defeat him. Returning to the Microverse, he soon battled the returning Micronaut Marionette, who convinced him to turn against his master. His memories only beginning to return, Huntarr allied with the Micronauts, but was driven off-planet by the newly emerged Karza's vast power. Following failed efforts to recruit allies amongst the Acroyears and the prisonworld gangs, Huntarr returned to Homeworld, but found things worse than ever, with both his sister and mother choosing death as an escape. Formally joining the Micronauts, Huntarr soon entered an unlikely alliance with Karza himself when the virtually omnipotent Entity began terrorizing the Microverse. The Entity was exposed as the dark side of Charles Xavier, and the X-Men helped the Micronauts destroy it. Returning to Homeworld, Huntarr and the Micronauts found that Karza had slaughtered nearly its entire population. After the Micronauts defeated Karza's remnant Umen, Marionette slew Karza.


6'8"; previously 6' (variable in Body Banks form); (on Earth) 6"


401 lbs. (originally 178 lbs.); (on Earth) 3.7 oz.


Blue (variable)


None (originally black; also shaved or dyed light brown)

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