Hunter's Moon (Dr. Yehya Badr)

Dr. Yehya BadrHunter's Moon

A loyal disciple to Egyptian vengeance god Khonshu, Dr. Badr vows to correct Moon Knight’s strayed path as the Hunter’s Moon.



After suffering an attack by vampires, Dr. Yehya Badr receives a visit by the Egyptian vengeance and moon god Khonshu and becomes a devout follower. So much so that he rises to the rank of Khonshu’s left hand and vows to keep his right hand, Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, in check.


Faithful Fist

Born in Luxor, Egypt, Badr is raised by his parents, both doctors, and is a superb student who becomes a doctor himself. He studies the Qur’an and Hadith but doesn’t believe in higher beings, until he’s attacked by vampires and left to die. At this moment, the Egyptian vengeance and moon god Khonshu pays him a visit and Badr becomes a believer.


The Power of the Past

As Hunter’s Moon, Dr. Badr possesses all the minds and abilities of former Moon Knights. He’s also able to heal people from grave injuries. 


Blasphemous Enemies

Badr’s enemies are Khonshu’s enemies. Blasphemous creatures like vampires, the ancient enemies of the Moon God, and even Khonshu’s other fist, Moon Knight, who takes on Khonshu’s role and doesn’t seem to be willing to serve their god in the way he’s supposed to do so. Moon Knight creates a congregation of followers known as the Midnight Mission, which Badr opposes.


Unexpected Alliances

Though a nonbeliever in a higher power, Dr. Badr becomes a devout follower of Khonshu when the god saves his life. Taking on the role of Khonshu’s fist, he reminds Moon Knight of his duty, and allies with him, though it’s a tenuous alliance at best.


Devotion Revealed

Surviving his ordeal, Dr. Badr became a devout follower of Khonshu, even thinking himself a high priest in the Cult of Khonshu.

After taking over the free clinic, Dr. Badr caught the criminal Jeff Hagees, AKA 8-Ball, trying to steal oxycontin. Badr wrangled him into the alley and while he was apprehending him, Moon Knight came swooping down from the sky. With Khonshu imprisoned, Moon Knight had become an apostate priest, taking Khonshu’s duty as his own. Badr saw this act as sacrilegious, disappointed in the Fist of Khonshu—Moon Knight—and upon their first meeting, chastised him. When Moon Knight pulled rank on him, Badr spat back that there was only one that outranked him in the Cult of Khonshu, and he was not him.

Badr later prayed to Khonshu and believing Moon Knight, Khonshu’s right hand, failed Him, promised that his left hand had not. Donning an inky black mask with a bright white full moon emblazoned on the forehead, he is Hunter’s Moon, out to correct Moon Knight’s loss of faith.



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