Hyperion (Earth-4023)




King Hyperion comes from a world which he took control of. The countries of his world were not willing to let Hyperion take over without a fight so they began a nuclear war in an attempt to kill Hyperion. Instead, the nuclear weapons killed every living being on Earth except Hyperion. Left as the sole survivor of his planet, Hyperion was conscripted into Weapon X. Taking the place of a deceased Storm, Hyperion immediately came into conflict with Weapon X leader Gambit and became the lover of Ms. Marvel. They were placed on an Earth where there were only ten mutants left, and their assignment was to kill all of the remaining mutants. Hyperion first attempted to stay on the planet and become its new ruler, but he decided that the planet was not going to survive and he completed the mission killing Vision and Colossus in the process.

Eventually Hyperion came upon a world where he wanted to remain and he slaughtered all of the American heroes in New York City on that Earth. The Exiles were sent in to take Hyperion down, and were given the ultimatum to kill all but six combined members of Weapon X and the Exiles. The Exiles allied themselves with Weapon X leader Gambit and took the fight to Hyperion. In the ensuing melee Morph killed Ms. Marvel, and Firestar killed Spider while Hyperion killed Hulk, Firestar, and Magik. After decimating the Exiles team in combat, Hyperion was finally injured by Blink who using her powers to cause Hyperion to blast himself with his heat vision. This crippled Hyperion allowing Gambit to use the fallen Magik’s sword to destroy him. The resulting explosion killed Gambit and Hyperion and the Exiles moved on to the next reality. However the bodies of the deceased members (including Hyperion) were teleported to the Crystal Palace where the Timebreakers (the true cause for the Exiles existence) had been putting the bodies of fallen members of both Weapon X and the Exiles on display. Hyperion’s body was also put on display and his body’s cells began storing solar energy to allow him to recover from his wounds. Eventually recovering from his injuries, King Hyperion broke out of the crystal stasis he was being held in and took over the Timebreakers operations.

Taking over the Timebroker interface Hyperion had the Exiles go to a world ruled by Zarathos. Then he sent them to Earth-2600 (David Richards's world) where Hyperion had Sabretooth join the team (taking Heather Hudson's place) in an effort to make Blink second-guess herself. He then had the team go to the Age of Apocalypse where he had Holocaust join the team (taking Beak's place) in an attempt to have them killed. Instead Holocaust worked with the Exiles to teleport directly to the Panoptichron where Hyperion immediately killed Holocaust by absorbing all of his energy. Hyperion managed to seriously injure Mimic and Morph and killed Namora. The Timebreakers released Beak from stasis stating that he was the most likely to resolve the situation. Not knowing what else to do, Beak recruited two alternate Hyperions (both of whom were "heroic" including the prime Hyperion from the Squadron Supreme). The two "good" Hyperions managed to take King Hyperion down with a last minute assist by Mimic. The Exiles, the Hyperions, and the Timebreakers decided that since they could not kill King Hyperion they would imprison him back on his homeworld where he could do no further damage.








Brown, shaved bald

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