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The Indestructible robot was one of the many inventions of the scientific genius of Psycho-Man, ruler of the microverse. When the Silver Surfer shrunk and entered his microverse to avoid being forced back into the service of Galactus, Psycho-Man detected him using a probe and sent his Indestructible robot after the Surfer in order to capture him. But when the robot searched for the Surfer, he ran into the Fantastic Four who traveled through the microverse in Reed’s Reducta-Craft, looking to bring the Surfer back out to ward off Galactus. The android confused them for his quarry, and attacked their ship.

The Thing jumped out of the ship to face him head on, but soon found the gravity higher than that of Earth. The android took advantage of this and dragged Ben by his foot, threw him around, and jammed him into a volcanic crevice, which exploded moments later injuring the Thing. The Human Torch then used his flame powers to fire heated blasts at the robot, but the flames passed right through the android’s body, leaving him unharmed. He continued to advance upon them and prepared to destroy them all. But in order to save the Earth - along with his newly pregnant wife - Mister Fantastic declared that he would stay behind and fight the Indestructible robot. But as he leapt to attack, the robot faded away as the Silver Surfer returned and took apart the robot using his power cosmic, destroying it forever.









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