Inertia (Earth-712)

Edith FreibergInertia



Little is known about Inertia's life before she was discovered by Nighthawk and recruited into his Redeemers. Along with four other Redeemers (Haywire, Moonglow, Redstone, and Thermite) she infiltrated the Squadron Supreme and was elected to full membership. She served on the Squadron for a month before the Redeemers openly opposed the Squadron where she fought Power Princess and used Hyperion's strength to defeat her. The Squadron subsequently gave up their plans for the Utopia program and disbanded.

Later, while the former Squadron members and the Redeemers banded together to dismantle the Utopia Program there was a disturbance in space. The Nth Man was threatening to destroy the Earth-712 dimension, and the former Squadron members and the Redeemers banded together to combat it. They got on a shuttle and went into space to fight it. In the ensuing battle Inertia was killed when she tried to invert the expansion of the Nth Man, and her body was vaporized.




114 lbs.





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