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Darrick GalhagerInvisible Man



Thirty years ago, United States government chemist Dr. Darick Gallhager was working on a top-secret project when he discovered an invisible formula. Planning to sell his formula to communist Russia and ran away with his mistress, Gallhager was surprised when the US military raided his facility. Gallhager used the formula on himself to escape, but when he returned home to find his house ablaze. Gallhager found his wife dead in the fiery ruins of the house, Gallhager located his daughter Christine and the two escaped by using the formula on her as well, subsequently and used they took on false identities. Hating what her father had turned her into, Christine disguised her invisibility with makeup and used remnants of Gallhager's research to build the Gal-Hag Cosmetics company while Gallhager became the owner of Jose Lopez restaurant in Mexico as the Invisible Man. Feeling her father had robbed her of a childhood, Christine eventually hired mercenary Agent X (Alex Hayden) to kill him. After Agent X tracked him to Little Italy, Gallhager eluded the mercenary via his invisibility and blasting his assailant with a stun gun every time he got close. Gallhager continuously proclaimed his innocence, until he was captured and put into a dress to identify his location by Agent X, the Invisible Man was given a hour to explain his innocence. Upon hearing Gallhager's story, Agent X initially defended Gallhager when Christine came to kill him, however, Agent X escaped while Christine and Gallhager bickered amongst themselves. Agent X then tossed a grenade onto the Gal-Hag yacht, which exploded killing both Gallhager and Christine.




158 lbs.


Invisible (originally brown)


Invisible (originally black)

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