Invisible Woman (Mad Thinker's android)

Android CInvisible Woman



The Mad Thinker created a series of androids to defeat and replace the Fantastic Four, all of which had the powers of the originals. The android made to look like the Invisible Girl waited until the Human Torch and the Thing were replaced; then the Thinker ordered her and the Mister Fantastic android to seek out and replace their originals. When the real Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl parted ways, the android Susan followed her counterpart into a clothing store and snuck up behind her. She grabbed her and knocked her unconscious with a chloroform rag. With the help of a pair of the Thinker’s security androids, she dragged the real Susan’s unconscious form away from prying eyes and made her way with her captive to the Baxter Building.

The Mad Thinker, himself, made his way to the top of the Baxter Building, using his own secret entrance, and greeted his three android replicants. Then he got himself comfortable and they waited for the fourth android, Mister Fantastic’s, who would soon arrive after having replaced his original. But when he did the supposed android quickly revealed that he was the actual Reed Richards and attacked the Thinker. The fake Susan and her pseudo-team launched themselves at Richards. She did her best to maneuver the real member of the Fantastic Four away from a certain closet, but he spotted her deception, and opened it to reveal the true Benjamin Grimm.

The original Thing immediately smashed the android Human Torch, and then fought his own double. In the confusion, the Thinker aimed a powerful pistol at both Things, trying to decide which was his. Richards stopped him instead, but the gun clattered to the floor and the android Invisible Girl picked it up as ordered and prepared to fire it at Reed. Before she could, the Thing behind her pounded the wall, forcing her to drop the pistol and disabled her; taking her out of the fight. The Thinker himself was quickly subdued and brought back to the authorities.




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