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In the alternate reality of Earth-5012, Tony Stark was Iron Man, a brilliant industrialist who developed a suit of mechanized armor and used it to battle injustice as a member of the Avengers. In what came to be known as the "Titannus War," many of Stark's Avenger associates (including Captain America, and Wasp sacrificed their lives one by one in a battle against the Trellions, who brainwashed a super-powered skrull known as Titannus into luring the Avengers to their home planet, where the heroes were enslaved for 5 years before being rescued by Avengers reservist. Afterward, the surviving heroes turned on each other as a mentally unhinged Stark believed his world's Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) was becoming a power-hungry despot. After killing Black Widow and Wolverine, Stark battled the Fantastic Four and had his face permanently scarred by the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) before killing him as well. Stark the donned a green hood and took over the Balkan nation of Latveria in an attempt to conquer the world so that he could save it, but Mr. Fantastic foiled Stark's plans by transporting him to another reality, Earth-616.


6'1" (6'6" in armor)


225 lbs. (375 lbs. in armor)





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