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Dr. I.S. BishoffIsbisa



An enemy of the All-Winners Squad, Isbisa tracked down the former members Whizzer and Miss America to their new jobs as super-powered bodyguards at a nuclear project and caused a meltdown, injuring Miss America as well as her and Whizzer's unborn child. The child was born an autistic with radioactive powers and was placed in a time capsule, only to be awakened several years later. Placed in a hospital in hopes of curing the child-now-man known as Nuklo, Isbisa, under the guise of Dr. Bishoff, worked secretly to complete his decades old grudge against the Whizzer by creating a device to siphon off Nuklo's powers and give them to himself. The Whizzer, Vision, and Scarlet Witch battled Isbisa, who melted Vision's arm and caused Whizzer to die of a battle-induced heart attack. Defeated by an enraged Scarlet Witch, Isbisa lost his nuclear powers and was taken into custody.




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