Josef HuberIsolationist



Josef Huber's uncontrollable, simultaneous copying of all of Earth's mutant abilities threatened to drive him mad. His telepathy allowed him to hear every thought and voice upon the Earth, causing his powers to painfully rage inside of him. He used his family's fortune to create an isolated Arctic base, and he turned to drugs to dull his mind of the constant migraine headaches. Realizing that he would never have peace while mutants lived on Earth, he began working with Dr. Sasha Ryan to destroy the huge mutant population of Genosha. He was partially relieved when an insane Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) stripped most of Earth's mutant population of their powers during "House of M|M-Day," Huber secretly allied with temporal anomaly Mr. Tryp, who predicted X-Factor Investigations (XI) might restore mutant kind's abilities and sought to stop them. After Mr. Tryp's defeat, Herber kept XI occupied by sponsoring former mutants as the terrorist X-Cell. His intentions were to convince the remaining mutants to gather and lobby endangered species status in Washington, DC, where a single attack could have slayed them all. Huber sent a probability-disrupting robot to slay prescient XI associate Layla Miller and lured telepathic XI member M (Monet St. Croix) away with fake clientele, fearing that their respective powers might expose his ploy, he approached XI leader Madrox with the rally proposal. When his machinations were discovered, he teleported XI to the Arctic, byt Rictor's exposure to the Inhuman's Terrigen crystals apparently rendered him immune to Huber's powers. When M returned, her telepathy caused him pain and Huber fled back into his self imposed exile. XI was subsequently rescued from their banishment.




200 lbs.


Brown, one glowing red



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