Jade Logan

Jade Logan

Daughter to James Howlett, the curious Jade grows up in the Wastelands, and wonders about her father’s Super Hero past.



The curious and young Jade Logan is the pre-teenage daughter to James Howlett, the former Super Hero known as Wolverine.



Hailing from Earth-807128, Jade Logan grows up on her family’s farm in Sacramento, California with her parents, James and Maureen, and her brother Scotty.



Jade is a curious little girl who isn’t afraid to ask questions.


Family Ties

Jade lives on her family farm with his parents and brother. She is the daughter to Old Man Logan, formerly known as Wolverine, and when she asks him about his past as a supposed Super Hero, he tells her there


Killer Enemies

Jade’s sole enemy are those that threaten her family. Bruce Banner’s grandchildren known as the Hulk Gang kill her and her family for not paying rent on time, and because they were bored.


The Long and Short of It

After Jade heard from her friend Becky that her father James was a Super Hero, she asked him about his past. He replied that there was no such thing as Super Heroes and left it at that. Later, while she was playing with her dolls, a When her father goes off on an errand to make money for the family, he asked Jade to behave and she promised him she would.

While Logan was gone, the Hulk Gang returned and killed Jade and her family.




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