The large grotesque and fearless being known Jagrfelm was a Dark Elf that resided in the realm of Svartalfheim. It is one of the nine worlds of Asgard. He lived in seclusion due to his misshapen form and his hatred for all living things. Jagrfelm managed to gain a reputation as blacksmith of the highest caliber. He was capable of creating armors and weapons capable of standing up to almost inconceivable punishment. It was these talents that brought him into the attention of the Asgardian Lord Odin, who sought his help against Thanos the mad Titian, who was threatening the universe once again. Odin sent Balder the Brave to find the Dark Elf, with the hopes that he could construct battle armor and a weapon for Thor to combat Thanos.

Balder eventually managed to find Jagrfelm only to be captured by the behemoth, which threatened to kill and eat him. Balder made several threats thinking that they would aid him in gaining his freedom, but they were ignored by Jagrfelm. In desperation Balder promised Jarfelm, "that if he were to help the Asgardians to defeat the treat of Thanos," Odin would grant unto him the one thing that he most desired. Now intrigued by the proposal, he agreed to assist the Asgardians. Upon reaching Odin, Jagrfelm confirmed that he would create the weapon and armor for Thor, in exchange for mastery over the item which he held within the sack that he carried. Odin had no idea that the behemoth had come to possess the Casket of Ancient Winters. Odin completed the bargain and even infused the Cask with even more power. Jagrfelm later returned to Asgard with the weapon and armor for Thor. Later he began to boast to himself about how he would use his new powers.

The Dark Elf’s celebration was cut short by the self proclaimed leader of the Dark Elves Malekith and his hordes of hounds. Jagrfelm fought heroically, but he was soon over whelmed and impaled through the chest with a spear. Severely injured, but not dead he asked to see the one that would kill. Malekith stepped forward and blasted him with an energy bolt taking his life, and the Casket of Ancient Winters.








None (Green fur)

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