The origin and past history of the young green-skinned girl known as Jentorra remains a mystery, but she proclaims to be the niece of Queen Jarella of the planet K'ai within Sub-Atomica. Jentorra followed her ancestors' path and began studying magic under the tutelage of the Triad of Sorcerers. After learning the sadistic Psyklop, servants of the Dark Gods, were on the verge of invading K'ai, she cast a teleportation spell that would bring the Hulk to K'ai to save the planet. However, the Hulk's upstart son, Hiro-Kala, was brought to K'ai instead, and he quickly and violently killed a hive of mutated Psyklop warriors, resulting in his swift rise to messiah of the K'ai people. Unlike the rest of the K'ai populace, Jentorra viewed Hiro-Kala as an oppressor, and she allied herself with the Microverse freedom fighters, Arcturus Rann, Princess Mari, Bug and the Death's-Head robot Carl. Rann defeated the would-be dictator with an ancient artifact known as the Enigma Force Nullifier, and Jentorra cast a second teleportation spell to send Hiro-Kala back to his point of origin, but he manipulated the spell to not only take him out of Sub-Atomica, but the entire planet of K'ai as well. K'ai and all its people were transported through the a gaping hole in space and time known as the Fault.









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