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Jonath was the son of Shi’ar and Mephisitoid parents. When he was older, he served in the Jath’che, an assassins cadre devoted to the protection of the Shi’ar throne. Unfortunately when they failed to save the Shi’ar emperor from the murder of his eldest children, the Jath’che were banished to the farming planet of Ch’reesharaa. It was considered to be punishment for a soldier to spend the rest of their days as farmers but, in fact, Jonath and the rest of the Jath’che learned to live at peace with themselves.

One day, the X-Ternals stumbled upon the planet of Ch’reesharaa where they were captured by this planet’s sentient plants. They didn’t remain prisoners for long as reality had suddenly begun to blink out of existence. Jonath freed them and told them that the X-Ternals must save all of reality from blinking out of existence. Before the matter could be discussed any further, the Imperial Guard, who had been searching for the X-Ternals, attacked Jonath and the team. As the X-Ternals made their escape, Jonath had asked the Imperial Guard for only one thing-to meet his end, not as he had lived, but as he had dreamed-a man of peace.









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