Jonathan Gatesworth

Jonathan Gatesworth



After being tossed out of Compuboot, a company that he supposedly built on his own creative genius, Jonathan Gatesworth was out for revenge. Compuboot designed and marketed video games and was started by Gatesworth and his two partners, Larson Toddsmith and Marc Portaccio. Gatesworth was forced out of the company because his partners said he was spending too much money on research and development, but Gatesworth didn’t see it that way. While unemployed by Compuboot, Gatesworth developed an invention that would revolutionize virtual reality…a Virtual Reality Suit that enabled him to assume any form he could dream up. His partners saw billions of dollar signs flash before their eyes as they claimed the suit was rightfully theirs, but Gatesworth intended to use the suit to destroy Compuboot and everyone associated with it.

After the first Consumer Games Show, where Gatesworth first unveiled his V-R Suit and trashed Compuboot’s booth, Phil Urich decided to attend the second show as his alter ego, the Green Goblin. Gatesworth also showed up, and when his partners' hired goons tried to forcibly take the V-R Suit from him, Gatesworth went wild. Activating his suit to transform him into a giant gorilla only seen in motion pictures, Gatesworth made quick work of the hired thugs but was soon sparring against the Green Goblin. Changing from video game characters, to movie monsters, and even into the costumed hero Spider-Man, Gatesworth kept Urich on the ropes until the Goblin remembered that it was the suit that had all the power. Using his razor bats, the Green Goblin caused enough damage to the V-R Suit that Gatesworth powered down. No longer a threat, his former partners boasted that Gatesworth would rot in jail, but that’s when rival companies came to his defense in exchange for exclusive rights to market and manufacture the V-R Suit. It is unknown which company won the bid, but no matter who it was, it can be assumed that Jonathan Gatesworth will sit in the lap of luxury for many years to come.









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