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Looking Back on ‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty’

We unravel the time traveling despot's epic attack on Earth and the Avengers!



Growing up in the Naga Hills of India, the boy who would become Jonathan Tremont was known to be charismatic even as a child. When a sickness spread through his village and claimed the lives of his two brothers, the boy held on to their spirits. Years later when Hal Chandler (retired superhero 3-D Man) was drawn to the Naga Hills, the boy, now a man, acted as his guide. Chandler soon found a shard of purifying light which the man had also been drawn to. Knocking Chandler out and taking the shard for himself, the man returned his deceased brothers to life in energy form and learned from the shard of the looming threat of the cosmic Triple-Evil. Determined to stop the Triple-Evil himself, the man changed his name to Jonathan Tremont and formed the Triune Understanding, a religious movement dedicated to a balance of "the threefold harmonies" of mind, body, spirit; past, present, future; and dream, memory, reality. As his followers grew, Tremont used the shard to absorb power from them in order to one day destroy the Triple-Evil. In time, disgraced Olympic athlete Delroy Garrett, Jr. came to the Triune Understanding seeking redemption and seeing Garrett's spirit, Tremont sought to transform Garrett into a weapon that would aid him against the upcoming threat. Not long after the Avengers had returned from the Counter-Earth created by Franklin Richards, Jonathan Tremont began a smear campaign against them in order to change the public's faith in conventional authorities. Transforming his brothers' spirits into Lord Templar and Pagan, Tremont sent them against the Avengers, making the heroes look foolish when they were unable to stop them. The Avengers soon tracked Lord Templar's energy trail to the Triune headquarters in Texas where Lord Templar subdued Pagan. Tremont then went public with his smear campaign, gaining more followers in the process. Eventually feeling that he had gained all he could from the smear campaign, Jonathan publicy "forgave" the Avengers for their perceived intolerance and Delroy Garrett, Jr. (now the hero Triathlon) joined the Avengers through pressure from their government liasion, Triune member Duane Freeman. In an effort to make it appear that Triathlon had strengthened the Avengers, Tremont soon sent Lord Templar and Pagan to attack the team in public, having Templar feign defeat when Triathlon attacked him. In order to retain his "friendly" ties with the Avengers, Tremont even aided the team in treating Hank Pym's latest mental problems and teamed with the Avengers when the Triple-Evil finally began its trek towards Earth. Absorbing the power of all of his followers to help battle the Triple-Evil, Tremont revealed his plan to save Earth by taking it over. The power-mad Tremont then killed Lord Templar and Pagan, absorbing their life energies into himself and then tried to absorb Triathlon's shard of purifying light as well. Using his own shard, Triathlon relieved Tremont of his shard. After the defeat of the Triple-Evil, the Avengers discovered that Kang had taken over Earth. Using the last vestiges of his power, Jonathan Tremont died destroying the force field surrounding Kang's Damocles Base, allowing the Avengers to defeat the 30th century tyrant.




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