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Major-General Ka’ardum was the close friend and ally of the Shi’ar original Neramani, majestor of the Shi’ar. The majestor's three children (D’Ken, Deathbird, and Lilandra), were so close to Ka’ardum that they called him uncle. After Deathbird killed their father, and was banished from the empire. D’Ken became ruler of the Shi’ar, and Makor-General Ka’ardum served under him, together they struck fear across the galaxy as they expanded the mighty Shi’ar Empire.

During his reign as majestor, D’Ken went insane and Lilandra took over as majestrix of the Shi’ar. Ka’ardum challenged her reign countless of times, leading Shi’ar military forces against her, so that he could capture the throne and return the Shi’ar to a state of glory once more. However, his plan failed and many believed him to be dead, but the truth was that Lilandra had him imprisoned on the asteroid Archipelago, where he remained hidden for many years.

Later when her brother D’Ken, regained his mental faculties, Lilandra persuaded Corsair of the Starjammers to assist her in unleashing Ka’ardum from his asteroid prison. Their mission was accomplished with the assistance of the X-Men and Korvus of the Shi’ar. Ka’ardum agreed to assist Lilandra as an act of repentance to restore his honor.








Brown (feathers)

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