Claiming to be the master of a planet on the opposite side of the sun, the Warlord Kaa first came to Earth intending to take over the world. He and his people transformed themselves into living shadows to ambush unsuspecting humans, but their plan was discovered, and they were easily defeated. Kaa was the only one to escape capture.

He patiently waited until such a time where he could renew his attack on those who previously defeated his people, and his opportunity came when the being called Hulk crossed his path. Doused in chemicals which irradiated his already potent gamma-warped aura, Hulk's shadow was psychically controlled by Kaa. The brute didn't understand what this meant, so he treated his shadow as he would any other enemy. The two fought for eleven hours, and Kaa could not fathom the stubbornness of the Hulk. Lost in battle, Kaa failed to notice the sun went down, weakening him. Soon, bright lights shone upon his shadowy form which caused it to fade away while his mind was still locked inside. Kaa thought he was going to die that day, but this was not the case. He lived through his ordeal, and would eventually oppose the Champions – suffering a similar fate. Since he survived it the first time, it is entirely possible Kaa yet lives.









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