The history and origin of the sentient planet known as Kathulos of the Eternal Lives is unknown. It was an agent of the demon Shuma-Gorath. During his confrontation and defeat of N'Gabtoth another demonic agent of Shuma-Gorath, the sorcerer supreme Doctor Steven Strange found a map that led him to Stonehenge. Shortly after his arrival Strange was attacked by a group of winged demons. Strange soon discovered that the fiendish creatures were sent by Kathulos. Enraged at the sorcerer's defeat of his minions Kathulos focused his power through the lintel stones of Stonehenge, and pulled Strange through dimensions to itself. Kathulos attacked Strange by using the vegetation of its surface and Kathulos appeared as a giant Venus-Flytrap plant. During his conflict on the planetoid Strange found that his mystical spells had no effect on Kathulos. Now entangled within the planets vines that were absorbing his life force, Strange managed to break free, but in his exhaustion Strange was mesmerized and the battle resumed on the Astral Plane. Strange somehow managed to learn the weakness of Kathulos and using crimson bolts from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak to defeat the demon.







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