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Kid Syn was first seen as a crew member of the pirate Cap'n Reptyl. This wily youngster appeared to know a lot about the tactical abilities of Cap'n Reptyl's ship, he warned the pirate captain that the ship lack the proper shields for their mission, however, the warning went ignored. The pirates were eluded by a ship carrying a crew of unidentified Priests of Pama that slipped into a class three nebula. Due to their lack of sufficient shields, Kid Syn and the others were unable to follow them. Kid Syn reminded Cap'n Reptyl of his earlier suggestion, only to be informed that any challenge of Repty's authority would result in his death. A short while later the crew encountered an Avengers' Quinjet, which was on course to Tamal, in search of Quoi and the Cotati. The Avengers ripped threw the pirates' ships leaving them struggling to repair Raptra's ship, although, they never had a chance to complete the repairs before being confronted by Thanos (this was actually a member of the doppelganger Thanosi), who with only a wave of his hand murder all the pirates except for Kid Syn, Raptra, and Captain Reptyl. Thanos offered the three Godhood, Kid Syn and Raptra refused the offer knowing the reputation of Thanos. However, Cap'n Reptyl gladly accepted the offer of power. Thanos absorbed the life-force from Kid Syn and transferred it into Cap'n Reptyl.









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