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Julius Mullarky codenamed Killpower, was Gena-Sys Laboratories' Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey's first transgenic human, a product of human DNA mixed with several animals'; orangutan, lemur, bat, gorilla, and rhinoceros. The newly decanted infant was further enhanced magically by Mys-Tech's master Ormond Wychwood. The child grew to physical maturity within 18 months, learning through destructive play, showing an innate understanding of complex machinery and weapons.Still a child emotionally and intended to be a living weapon for Mys-Tech, Julius viewed real-world killing the same way he viewed the video game mayhem, an enjoyable game with no consequences; only his mother Dr. Mullarkey could control him. He Was briefly lured from Mys-Tech by the Time Guardian, who sent him on a mission through time to retrieve the scatter components of the Chronifact, bringing him along side the Genetix youths who had been sent by Mullarky to retrieve him. He fell into conflict with Rama-Tut and scientist Sidney Fishburne.

Killpower also did the country of England a great service when he and his partner, Motormouth, helped the Hulk save the Prince of Whales from the villainous Madman.




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