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Kiwi Black was the mutant son of Azazel, bred to guard the portal in which his father would used to transport his army to Earth, from the ungodly dimensional prison that held him captive for centuries. Kiwi along with three captives survived the ritual of passage to Earth. Vehemently rejecting his father’s influence, he allied himself with the X-Men, and began a campaign to eliminate his father’s army. He was able to shield his thoughts from Ginniyeh the blind mind reader. During this process, he took the life of Azazel's minion, Yidrazil, which upset Angel, due to his high standards of morality. Kiwi learned that Nightcrawler and Abyss were his half-brothers during this fiasco. With the help of Polaris, who used her magnetic powers to force open the void within Abyss’ body, allowing the heroes to return home, leaving Azazel and his followers trapped in their dimensional prison. Sometime later during the crisis known as "House of M|M-Day" Kiwi Black, lost his powers and seemingly disappeared.









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