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Kraven the Hunter was the host of a reality TV show who would kill animals with his bare hands on camera. In order to combat the threat of having his show canceled he vowed to the public that he would kill Spider-Man on live television. Moments after Spider-Man defeated Doctor Octopus he was attacked by Kraven while trying to free a women from a damaged car, Kraven was defeated with a single blow and arrested for public endangerment.

Kraven renewed his challenge to Spider-Man after having an illegal genetic enchantment but was captured by the Ultimates for violating genetic laws. Kraven was taken to a SHIELD containment facility and escaped along with Norman Osborn, Electro, Sandman and Doctor Octopus. The group later blackmailed Spider-Man into joining the team.

The Six made an attack on the white house as revenge against Nick Fury and were opposed by the Ultimates. Kraven made an attempt at killing Spider-Man in the oval office but was struck by one of Thor's lightning bolts. He is last seen in another SHIELD containment facility surrounded by soldiers while claiming that he was under mind control.




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