Krugarr (Earth-691)




The past history of red-skinned worm like being known as Krugarr, has yet to be unraveled. He was a Lemian, which was a race of extremely long-lived red-skin aliens. It is documented that he was once a member of the Mourners, acting as their "Listener." As the Listener, he detected the deaths of significant beings and then guided the Mourners to the location of their deaths. While performing this task, Krugarr encountered Kismet who accompanied the alien Mourners to the planet Scadam, where she found herself unable to watch this planets destruction.

In the future known as the 22nd century, Doctor Strange survived the Martian Masters invasion by removing himself from the planet. Doctor Strange used his magic to expand his life, just as his master had done before him. Doctor Strange found Krugarr on the planet of Lem, and Krugarr agreed to become his apprentice and learn the ways of magic. Through Strange's tutelage Krugarr rose to the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, while Strange had taken the moniker of the Ancient One just like his previous master. Krugarr battled Strange's ancient foe Dorammu. Strange, even in his prime, could not have possibly taken down Dormammu alone, so he summoned his past self into the future and fused both identities into one. He became so powerful that the Ancient One had to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Dormammu, while Kruggar sealed him in the timeline of his origin. Krugarr even encountered Galactus at some unknown point in history.

Krugarr would later taken on Talon as his apprentice.


10' 3"


421 lbs.





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