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Kurrgo was an alien from the Planet X, a distant planet that was soon doomed to destruction by a runaway planet that careened towards it. Though they were an advanced race, they were uninterested in space flight and only had a pair of spaceships capable of interplanetary travel. With a population of five billion inhabitants, Kurrgo’s species was doomed to extinction once the rogue planet collided with their home. In an attempt to save his whole race, Kurrgo sent a robot to the planet Earth to capture the Fantastic Four and take them back to Planet X. The robot used a hostility ray to turn humanity against the four heroes, and then convinced them that escape to another planet was the only solution.

Though the Fantastic Four knew it was a trick, they went along out of curiosity, and were brought to Planet X. There, Kurrgo told them about the approaching planet and demanded that they solve his people’s problem in the twenty-four hours left, or else they would be trapped on the planet when it was destroyed. Reed Richards put his scientific genius to work and before the time was up he had developed a gas that would shrink the populace of Planet X, allowing the entire species to board one of their two spaceships. He also gave Kurrgo another batch of gas, which he said would enlarge them again when they found the right planet.

With his people shrunk and loaded onto the other ship, Kurrgo gave the Fantastic Four the first ship to travel back to Earth. Then, Kurrgo fought through the collapsing planet with the enlarging gas, planning to become the only member of his race to be re-enlarged, so that he could rule over the billions of people as king. But the gas was heavy, and he was unable to get to the ship and still carry it, yet he refused to drop it and give up his dream of mastery over his people. And so the ship left without Kurrgo, stranding him on the collapsing planet. Unbeknownst to Kurrgo, Reed revealed that the enlarging gas was a fake, as size was relative in the universe anyway, and so Kurrgo died chasing a false dream of power.








Blonde (fur)

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