Lady Deadpool (Wanda Wilson)

Wanda WilsonLady Deadpool

Agile, armed, and a howling she-lunatic, Lady Deadpool is a merc with a mouth and ready to cross swords.


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'MARVEL Strike Force' Announces New Character Poll to Choose Next Member of Mercs For Money

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fighting skills



Motivated by money, television, junk food, and sometimes love, this merc with a mouth packs lipgloss and is known as Lady Deadpool.


Joining Up

Earth-3010’s USA is divided with fascists in the government imposing their will on the people. With a schism in Congress, top-ranked generals take sides and some states declare independence. Former mercenary and government test-subject, the heavily scarred Wanda Wilson, AKA Deadpool, doesn’t join General Shamus Onus’ anti-government forces, instead becoming former actor Charles Randolph Fey’s bodyguard because she harbors a crush on him; she joins Fey’s anti-government speech tour once TV signals get shut off by former Bajillion Squillion Corps CEO Tristan Sheen because the highly indebted U.S. could no longer afford TV. 

Government loyalist Captain America deems Sheen’s former pet project Fey a threat to homeland security and brings him in for questioning when Fey’s girlfriend Sloane, a government mole, knocks Wanda out with a stun gun. Onus approaches Wanda again, and she agrees to join him if Onus tells her where the government was keeping Fey. Though she frees Fey, he’s fatally shot in a fight with Sheen. She gets a last kiss with Fey, and then Wanda joins Onus’ forces in the civil war and aids them in Washington, D.C. 


Regeneration Station

Lady Deadpool’s rapid healing factor makes her virtually immune to poisons, most drugs and diseases. Regenerating brain cells due to repeated brain injuries leaves her sanity and memories severely damaged. An extraordinary athlete with peak human strength, speed and agility, she is skilled in multiple unarmed combat techniques. 

An excellent marksman and an accomplished user of bladed weapons, she employs a wide variety of weapons depending on her assignment or whim, almost always wielding a combination of guns and swords.


Evil Enemies

Lady Deadpool faces off with the cosmic entity Awareness whose appetite and evil is boundless. She ultimately slays the foe with her sword. She also battles evil Deadpools and sacrifices herself in the process.

She later works for the Omega Confederation to quell a rebellion of the indigenous Krook on the resource-rich planet Kagan 7, and when her fellow teammate betrays their benefactor, Lady Deadpool rallies forces to stay true to her employer. On Kagan 7, she helps the King seize power back from his upstart daughter.


Deadpool Corps

When the Elders of the Universe sense a coming threat of galactic proportions, they ask Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool (Earth-616), to form the multiversal Deadpool Corps and Lady Deadpool joins the squad with other alternate dimension versions of herself.


A History of Mouthing Off

During the war, dimension-hopping Deadpool and the disembodied, zombified Deadpool-2149, AKA Headpool, aided Wanda against a Captain America-led squad. After they left, Wanda helped anti-government forces keep the government loyalists from recapturing Washington, D.C. When Deadpool-616 returned to Earth-3010 to recruit Wanda for the Deadpool Corps, a multiversal group of Deadpools, he aided her against General America (the promoted Captain America), and the pair knocked him unconscious before leaving for Earth-616. 

Though chosen by Tath Ki, AKA Contemplator, to save the universe from the consciousness-absorbing Awareness, a survivor from the previous universe, the assembled Deadpool Corps—including the rechristened Lady Deadpool—had to prove to the Elders of the Universe their worthiness, winning a capture-the-flag contest against other candidates. When the Awareness trapped them in individual illusions, Lady Deadpool’s scars somehow disappeared permanently, which she chose to conceal from her scarred Corps teammates. Lady Deadpool apparently slew the Awareness with her sword shortly after. Following the successful mission, the Contemplator gave each Corps member a ring to summon an Elder of the Universe once and allowed them to keep their ship, the Bea Arthur. However, the Corps ultimately used the Elders for tasks like theft and ship repairs.

Aliens hired the Corps to slay the ruthless pirate Blue Buccaneer, actually the amnesiac Tryco Slatterus, AKA Elder Champion, whose crew Lady Deadpool infiltrated, showing off her unscarred body. She delivered the ship’s self-destruct codes to Deadpool, who never learned she was actually Lady Deadpool. His ship's explosion somehow restored Champion's memory. 

Later, the mining Omega Confederation hired the Corps to get rid of the Krook of Kagan 7, who wanted to renegotiate their deal with the mining corporation. Lady Deadpool caught the Krook king’s daughter Teela Arrano’goom Valla Astralla Coldassian, AKA Princess Teela, but released her when seeing an opportunity for good publicity, Deadpool offered the Krook King the Corps’ services, betraying the Omega Confederation. When Deadpool aided Teela with modernizing the planet against her father’s wishes, a civil war broke out. For unrevealed reasons, Lady Deadpool and others sided with the former king against Deadpool and Teela. Lady Deadpool contacted the Omega Confederation to aid her in restoring the king to power, and though during the final assault they abandoned her, she still succeeded by defeating Teela in a duel. 

Afterward the Contemplator took away the Corps’ rings and sent the individual Corps members to their home realities because they had used the Elders for menial tasks. Lady Deadpool reassembled the Corps and traveled to Earth-20110 to join forces with that world’s Deadpool, formerly an Avengers member. On the anniversary of the Avengers’ mysterious death shortly after Deadpool joined them, the Corps du Chapeau, parasitic, mind-controlling aliens that looked like berets, gained control over Deadpool-20110 and the Avengers’ corpses. The Corps defeated them and strapped Deadpool-20110 to a rocket, which they shot at the Corps du Chapeau’s home world, destroying it. 

A year later, the Corps celebrated the death of Deadpool-20110, now known as Mimepool. When the psychotic Deadpool-12101 hunted down all his alternate counterparts to slay them in his endeavor to destroy everything, he found allies among the Deadpools, but many others, led by Lady Deadpool and later Deadpool-616, tried to thwart Deadpool-12101’s plan. Lady Deadpool apparently sacrificed her life during a fight against evil Deadpools when she piloted the Bea Arthur into the planet-eating Galactipool’s head, slaying him in the process.




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