A poor Chinese farm girl, Ladyfair was sold into prostitution by her parents to repay a debt when she was 12 years of age. Very angry and vengeful she killed her first client, a rival of the Chinese crimelord the Mandarin. As repayment, the Mandarin agreed to train her as an assassin and named her Huan, meaning "Jade Ring." After years of training she was given her first assignment to kill her parents; however, she couldn't bring herself to do it, so the Mandarin killed them himself. After the Mandarin's criminal empire crumbled, Huan joined the Nobility crime syndicate as Ladykiller. The Nobility's leader, Neal Saroyan, sought to destroy the Avengers and secretly hired Huan to assassinate movie producer Ken Flevin, choosing a time and place where she would battle Saroyan's acting client, Wonder Man. Saroyan psychically manipulated Wonder Man into trying to rehabilitate Huan for a television special, "My Fair Super Hero," Aided by Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and the Beast (Hank McCoy), Wonder Man endured Huan's initial resistance and seemingly succeeded after she declared her love for him. Dubbing her "Ladyfair," Wonder Man invited Huah to an Avengers Mansion celebration, for Captain America's joining the Avengers; but Saroyan mentally forced Huan to poison the punch. Briefly overcoming Saroyan's influence, Huan prevented Captain America from drinking the punch and tipped over the punch bowl, saving the other Avengers, before stabbing herself in the heart to prevent Saroyan from controlling her again.




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