Leaper Logan

Logan (Unrevealed if this is his first or last name)Leaper Logan



A petty thief, Leaper Logan was imprisoned at the time he used materials from the prison's machine shop to create a pogo-platform and escape by leaping over the jail's walls. Then fashioning a more functional suit that enabled him to bound around his victims in high-flying fashion, Leaper Logan began a crime spree around Springdale, Connecticut. After a run-in with Springdale’s newest hero, Speedball, Logan made a quick escape hoping Speedball wasn't onto his plan. Unfortunately for him, Speedball did figure out that Leaper Logan was stealing items, using the first letter of each stolen good, to spell out the word L – E – A – P – E - R. This enabled the masked marvel to meet Logan at the last location on his list, and after a brief battle, stop Logan's crime wave.

Some time later, Leaper Logan was liberated from prison in a jail break that freed all of Speedball’s former enemies. All the criminals were hired by the same employer to perform a simple task – capture a kinetically powered cat called Niels. Leaper and his new allies managed to seize the feline, but when Speedball returned to Springdale, he fought and defeated the group with the help of a kinetically powered hairball. Logan was sent back to prison with the rest of the group.









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