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Aletys ForresterLee Forrester



Aletys "Lee" Forrester worked off the Florida coast and was the captain of a fishing trawler named the Arcadia. Upon working there, she met the X-Men leader Cyclops. Together they developed a romantic relationship, and Lee attempted to help him work through his grief due to the apparent death of his former lover Jean Grey. Cyclops decided he needed time to be alone and the relationship quickly came to an end.

Lee is also known to have a brief relationship with Magneto. Lee rescued Magneto from being shipwrecked in an ocean and took him to the Bermuda Triangle to recover. Lee eventually saw Magneto's forgivable side and together the couple had a short-lived romance. Magneto became cynical again, and then their relationship was broken off as well.

She also became interested with the X-Man Cable; however she quickly discovered that Cable was the son of her ex-boyfriend Cyclops. As a result, she decided not to pursue her feelings for him any further.









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