Lodestone (Andrea)

Andrea (full name unrevealed)Lodestone



Andrea was hired by crimelord Philippe Bazin to participate in Project: Lodestone. Subjecting her to scientific experiments, he turned her into the superpowered agent Lodestone, informing her that she must obey him due to a special brain implant that was also part of the process. He immediately sent her out to confront his oft-recurring foe, Darkhawk.

At the same time, Darkhawk was fighting a group of drug dealers at his high school, and his friend Headset was injured by the collateral damage. Darkhawk reverted to his secret identity of Chris Powell to try to give his power amulet to Headset. Lodestone then appeared, calling out Darkhawk while the unconscious Headset had the amulet. Chris managed to distract the villain enough to become Darkhawk again, but then surrendered rather than risk further devastation. She took Darkhawk back to Bazin’s headquarters, although he later managed to escape with the help of Bazin’s daughter.

Lodestone continued to serve Bazin, guarding his Althea Island headquarters when Darkhawk came looking for his father who Bazin had kidnapped. When Bazin was killed in this encounter, Lodestone was apprehended by Althean authorities.

She was later somehow contacted by the Crimson Cowl to join her assemblage of villains in the largest version of the Masters of Evil at the time. The Masters embarked on a most ambitious plan: extorting a huge fortune in blackmail money from the world's governments by subjecting various major cities to phenomenally powerful artificial storms. While this kept heroes around the world occupied by forcing them to deal with the effects of the storms, the Thunderbolts confronted the villains at their headquarters at Mount Charteris, Colorado. After the final battle, Lodestone and the others were defeated and placed in custody.









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