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UnrevealedLord Pumpkin



Millennium ago in place known as the Godwheel there existed many kingdoms. The King of one of these Kingdoms had a young son, whom was very disobedient and mischievous. The youngster was was actually terrorizing the King's servants. The King sought the assistance of a unknown Wizard to create a playmate for the young prince. The Wizard gathered straw, thread lumber and a pumpkin. The Wizard cast a spell and Lord Pumpkin was born into the universe. The young prince continued his abusive ways with his new playmate, by beating him with sticks and hacking off his limbs with axes. Becoming tired of the Prince's abuse Lord Pumpkin took his young life. Eventually Lord Pumpkin conquered the entire Kingdom becoming the new ruler. He captured the Wizard that created him and shackled him in the castle's dungeon.

After running his kingdom into the ground Lord Pumpkin sought a new realm to rule. While looking through a strange crystal he discovered Earth. He became fascinated with its population, powerful beings known as Ultras. He set out to conquer this new world. Before leaving the Godwheel he ran into the being Boneyard. Their last meeting ended with Lord Pumpkin feeling betrayed. Lord Pumpkin reached earth and became a Crime Lord in the Bronx, New York. He resorted to selling a drug known as Zuke. This was a magical leafy green substance. He also ran a company called Squash Inc.. He was eventually slain while in the Bronx, but managed to return to life once again. He allied himself with the youthful Pistol and the deformed creature known as Sludge. He made his bid to become king of the underground New York once more.

While on Earth his castle on Godwheel was stormed, by rebel knights. They wounded Arielle gravely, but she was offered a deal by the unfathomable Mr. Mischief to deliver Lord Pumpkin to him. She agreed and the souls of her surviving knights were sucked into her sword, which restored her life. Once she revived fully a gateway to Earth appeared before her. The witch knight Arielle extinguished the Pumpkin King once more. His life is long stream of beginnings and ends. In last moments of life he passed one of his seeds to young Kenny, who he had befriended while he was part of a circus freak show.

Kenny swallowed the seed and Lord Pumpkin was born yet again. He was swept away to do battle with Earth's mightiest Ultras in an attempt to obtain the means to Godhood he allied himself with the Mad God Argus. He was betrayed by Argus and the Necro Mantra, to start his life and death cycle once again. Argus and Mantra were defeated by the Ultras and Thor of the 616 universe. Lord Pumpkin was left on the Godwheel in a very small 6" state. He was able to recover the "Eternal Candle" and the "Roc's Egg". Neither would give him the power to restore himself to his original size. In a place called Vahdala he stumbled upon the Asgardian known as Loki, who was stranded in this forsaken place. He convinced Loki to restore him to his normal size for the Roc's Egg which would grant his the ability to teleport off of Vahdala. Loki restored Lord Pumpkin to his original straw state and and let him strapped to a cross.




Yellow/Green when he is fully charged.



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