Lucifer (Quist)




Lucifer was a member of the extraterrestrial race called the Quists. The Quist had established a large interstellar empire in the Milky Way galaxy. However, their existence and their imperialism are known to only a few star-faring races. Eons ago, the Quists constructed the highly advanced computer complex known as Dominus, and the advanced Ultra-Robots which they needed to operate the complex. To conquer a planet, the Quists would establish a secret base on the targeted planet and when the moment was right they would teleport Dominus and its robots to the planet for attack. Dominus was modified specifically for each attack, so that it would have dominion over the minds of the race inhabiting the planet to be conquered. In each case the study and modification designs would take a number of Earth years. Finally, when Dominus was ready, it would blanket the planet with rays that deadened the wills of the planet's inhabitants, so that the Quists could easily enslave them. Dominex was used to destroy a planet that Dominus was unable to takeover.




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