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The Lurking Unknown is a Fear Lord, an other-dimensional being with cosmic power who subsist on fear. He ravaged worlds, never knew defeat, and built a mystique that made him dreaded throughout the cosmos. Odin,lord of Asgard, learned of the Lurker and how to summon him. Knowing that the fearless Asgardians were safe from the powers of the Lurker, Odin used the Lurker to test the courage of the Asgardians. When Thor wished to marry the mortal Jane Foster, Odin gave her godly powers and summoned the Lurker. Overwhelmed with fear, Jane called for Thor, who forced the Lurker to flee. Odin banished Jane from Asgard, then sent Thor to face the Lurker in the Crystal Glade of Gundershelm. Heartsick, Thor faced defeat until Sif intervened and restored Thor's courage. Together they drove the Lurker away. The Lurker later joined his fellow Fear Lords in an alliance to plunge Earth into a Great Fear. The Straw Man (a.k.a. Scarecrow), however, refused to join and warned Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange of the Fear Lord's intent. The Lurker burned up the Straw Man but arrogantly refused D'Spayre's help. Free of despair, Dr. Strange and Clea were able to overcome their fear via anger. Powerless, the Lurker shrank and was apparently crushed in Dr. Strange's hand, although his fate is, of course, unknown.




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