Born into a warlike tribe called the Iquitos deep in the Amazon Jungle, M'Gumbu eventually became the village's witch doctor. He continually voiced his displeasure over his fellow Iquitos' raids of neighboring villages, but as he had long ago pledged never to harm them, the other Iquitos laughed off M'Gumbu's threats to stop them. After a successful pillaging, several Iquitos decided to kill M'Gumbu while he slept, but failed when it was revealed he had used an illusion of himself sleeping. The would-be assassins realized M'Gumbu's power and begged his forgiveness, though M'Gumbu recognized that he now had to act quickly. Desperate to stop his tribe's vicious ways, M'Gumbu used a mystic powder to call upon spirits from the beyond, chanting their names for hours. By morning, M'Gumbu had succeeded in his spell, as his fellow Iquitos were each reduced to less than twelve inches tall, a size at which they could never attack other tribes again. The shock of their new stature kept the Iquitos from realizing what M'Gumbu had done, even as he stated that it would only last until the Iquitos gave up their blood lust. Pleased that he had kept his oath never to harm them, M'Gumbu set off for a new village to call home.




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