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Skimming the high society sections of local magazines, the Magician found only the best events with the richest individuals to perform at. One such event was attended by the Wasp, better known to the world as Janet Van Dyne. During his act, he covered the crowd with a large canvas, seemingly appearing from nowhere. Incapacitated, the party goers were helpless as the Magician relieved them of their valuables. The Wasp tried to confront the thief but was taken by surprise at the Magician’s resourcefulness, and she was captured when he used his cane to vacuum her inside. When news of Wasp's capture spread, Giant-Man was determined to take the petty criminal down. Giant-Man set a trap the Magician couldn’t resist, and after a hard fought battle, Giant-Man freed the Wasp, and the two of them managed to bring the Magician into custody. The officer on the scene was convinced the Magician’s performances would only be from a prison cell from then on.

The Magician had a few more tricks up his sleeve because it wasn't too long before he escaped from his holding cell to seek revenge on those who put him there in the first place. He would have his chance to lash out against the Wasp during a fashion show with outfits inspired after her costume. The Magician sealed the department store tight and proceeded to attack the Wasp among the many shoppers already inside. With a new assortment of props at his disposal, it almost seemed as if the Magician would be victorious. However, the quick thinking Wasp managed to entangle his clothing in an escalator and using a toy robot to tie him up, the Magician was ready for transport back to jail.




170 lbs.





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