Teenager Malcolm Powder is the last thing that super powered private eye Jessica Jones wants in her life. He’s a fan, which makes him a major annoyance. But in Jones’s line of work, anyone—even Malcolm—can turn out to be a valuable resource.

Fan Mentality

Growing up in New York City, Malcolm Powder was not particularly impressed with the various Super Heroes who have become so prominent there over the years—not even after he got to see the God of Thunder, Thor, up close. But for Malcolm, private investigator Jessica Jones was different. For one thing, he admired the fact that Jones, who had been the Super Hero Jewel for a short time many years prior, no longer wore a costume. He read about Jones extensively on the internet, and was so taken with her that, at the age of seventeen, he made a pilgrimage to her office to meet her. While Jones was in the bathroom and unaware of his presence, Malcolm took it upon himself to answer her phone when a call came in. Jones was not amused and sent him on his way.

Malcolm Powder with Jessica Jones

But Malcolm was not deterred so easily. He subsequently returned to ask for her opinions about the latest goings-on and gossip within the hero community, and to offer his help around the office. Jones made a deal with Malcolm—if he could get information that would help her solve her latest case, which involved the missing teenager Mattie Franklin (the third Spider-Woman), she would give him a part-time job. Malcolm came through, and Jones hired him—though apparently, she kept forgetting that she had done so, and she never stopped finding him annoying.

Street Smarts

Malcolm is a normal human being with no super human abilities, though he is extremely bold, persistent, and resourceful. He is rarely seen without his skateboard.

School Daze

Malcom has no known enemies. He has a few local friends and he is acquainted with Laney Haynes, a fellow student at his high school who provided key information that helped Jessica Jones solve the Mattie Franklin case.







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Part-Time Pest

Malcolm later introduced Jessica Jones to Laney Haynes, whose brother Denny fancied himself a potential New York City drug lord.

Malcolm introducing Jessica to Laney Haynes

Denny managed to bring Mattie Franklin under his influence and kept her perpetually drugged so that he could use her blood as his source for creating a new kind of drug. Known as the Mutant Growth Hormone, the stimulant gave users a high and temporarily gave them super powers. Laney divulged information that enabled Jones to track down Denny and ultimately rescue Mattie from his clutches. Malcolm started working part time for Jones shortly thereafter.

When Jones’s old tormentor, Zebediah Killgrave, AKA Purple Man, escaped from maximum-security prison the Raft, she feared that the mind-controlling villain would target her again. In a panic, Jones called her office phone to check her messages and was surprised when Malcolm answered. Fearing for his life as well as her own, she ordered him to leave the premises immediately. A bewildered Malcolm did as he was told, skateboard in hand.

Malcolm manipulated by Killgrave