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Mallen (unrevealed last name)Mallen



Early in Mallen’s life he saw his family brutally shot by government officials. His family had been set up in a sting operation when they tried to buy illegal guns. Mallen then grew a sense of hatred for government and believed in white superiority. After his body underwent the extremis process Mallen went on a killing spree killing FBI agents. He later confronted Iron Man who he faced off against. He was underestimated by Tony and took him down easily breaking several of his bones and caused internal injuries. He made his way towards Washington D.C. on foot. Iron Man soon came back with a modified version of the extremis and confronted Mallen once again. This time the fight was more even. Eventually Mallen grabbed Iron Man’s throat and started to crush it when a beam from his chest blew a hole in Mallen along with a direct repulsor shot that ended up killing Mallen









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