Marduk (Babylonian)

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Born mature and powerful over 5,00 years ago, Marduk was one of the Annunaki, worshiped in ancient Mesopotamia. He succeeded Ba'al as ruler for a time after slaying the mighty dragon Tiamat. Priests of Marduk placed a griffin to stand guard over the mystical Book of the Vishanti for centuries. With the development of other religions, worship of the Annunaki waned. In 980 A.D., Marduk sought out the gods worshiped by the Norse and battled Thor, who stripped Marduk of his godly heritage and exiled him to Earth. Retaining a portion of his powers, including the ability to claim souls by touching mortals, Marduk operated amongst humanity, joined by fellow gods Aqhat and Papa. To reclaim his lost power, he designed the Genesis Well, which could distribute the souls of mortals to him in a water-like state for him to bathe in and consume.




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